Monday, January 11, 2010

99 problems.

Maybe you're over them, maybe your obsessed with them but I can't wait to get them!
available @ solestruck.

snow white.

I am super in L with pale skin, especially these pictures of Michelle Trachtenberg. So pretty it hurts.

grease is the word.

Blake Lively looking stunning on the new cover of Esquire. Jelly faced.

a moment, a love...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

spot on.

susan miller astrology

I know... I know... & normally I'm not one to buy into all of this astrology crap, but Susan Miller has been so spot on in recent months it's actually kind of crazy. I highly suggest you look into it. Her website is a little ghetto but definitely worth a read.

Apparently Pisces is the celestial favorite for 2010. Bring it. I'll be waiting.


and then there were 3.

zara love.

LOVE these sweaters from Zara's December 2009 lookbook. Just checked them out at the SoHo store yesterday... they only have the black in stock and I'm actually quite sure that I could make a better version myself but the price point is only $59.90. Love it.