Tuesday, June 16, 2009

bleached skinny's & ebay-ing.

hands down... this summer look is the easiest trend to re-create with next to no money...
the jeans above [from this mornings ShopBop email blast] are Current/Elliot and retail for $254.00.

These are my old forever 21 jeans that I almost got rid of, but instead took to with a bottle of bleach and a pair of scissors a few weeks ago. I really just poured bleach on them, while sitting in the sun... the sun tends to speed up the process. If you try this at home, I definitely recommend that you wear gloves because you can burn your fingers... eek.

And lastly... this is an ebay auction i'm closely watching [update: i won] ... a fanny pack is a really difficult look to pull off... But LeSportSac does about as good of a job as humanly possible. Ordinarily I would have no use for this... but after working the beer tents at Lollapalooza last summer, I really thought it would be beneficial... So Lolla is on the books again this summer and i'll be prepared this time around.

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