Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DIY. studding.

I saw these super cute jeans on shopbop the other day and decided that I should make my own version. The originals shown below are Ella Studded Skinny Jeans that retail for $242 on www.shopbop.com.

I used a pair of the Bullhead Solana Extreme Skinny black jeans from pacsun. They retail for just $39.50.

You can find studs & other hardware @ www.studsandspikes.com, order a bunch because they are super cheap and they are great to have on hand. The best sizes are probably 1/2" and smaller. Ideally I would use the 1/4" or a combination of both which is what I did.

My version for under $50. I don't have a picture of them on because I didn't want to ask my roommate to take pictures of my ass. Maybe later.

Next posible DIY project.

American Retro Stud Cardigan $218.00 @ shopbop.com

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