Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've always been a big fan of the whole wax insignia seal and I love even more that they've turned the concept into initial charms. I need one.

Waxing Poetic Round Initial Charm

I found these on a while back and have been debating ordering one. They are obviously custom made. I think they're great and they're solid sterling silver with a price point of just under $100.

Monogram Initial Signet Silver Ring

ebay - mybigring2

I'm a big fan of the bleachblack blog and was excited to see that they were collaborating with Urban. I know the pieces are limited edition but I'm not sure if it's an online exclusive or if it's stocked in stores.

bleach black rhinestone bracelet
bleachblack rhinestone necklace

Even though headbands might be on their way out, I still love the embellishments.
Both of these are available at express.
both $19.50
left: crystal patch headband
right: double metallic embellishment headband

love child

My experience with Brighton is really hit or miss. Some things look a little old and stuffy and some things look perfect paired with more current trends. I think i like these bangles.

both $28.00

love child love bangle
love child peace bangle


Anonymous said...

The wax charm is a tremendous find. It looks like its not available anymore, though. Wish I'd found this months ago.

amanda said...

try this website... or even ebay would be great... good luck.