Monday, August 31, 2009

bebe vs. balmain

Killing time today after I vacated my apartment for the last time, I was walking down Halsted in Lincoln Park (unsuccessfully) trying not to spend money when I meandered into bebe. Normally I'm not a fan of bebe because most of there stuff is skanky, but today I was pretty astonished by how many of their items are straight up Balmain knock-offs. I would barely even use the word 'inspired'... see the pictures below for yourself. I'm not sure yet how I feel about these 'inspired' looks... do they look cheap? pretty much? maybe? They also had motorcycle jeans, quilted leather skirts, ton's of leather jackets & structured blazers... not sure if I should be thrilled because I could never afford the real thing... or irritated because it just does not do it justice.

left balmain - right bebe

left bebe - right balmain

left balmain - right bebe

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