Monday, August 17, 2009

crunch time.

the time has come... i'm in New York for five whole days to do the impossible, that being finding employment and a place to call home. all in all today proved to be mostly successful...

whenever i have an early flight, it's best for me not to go to sleep at all, because my normal bedtime is typically the time i need to go to the airport therefore i have not yet slept. i decided to take a cab to the airport this morning, partial laziness & partial safety precaution....alone on the orange line at 4:30 am can be a little creepy, but mostly laziness. of course my flight was delayed, but not until we were on the runway... fun! got to laguardia and decided that since i'd already spent $40 on cab fare in the morning it wouldn't be that economical to spend another $40 to get to brooklyn. so i made an executive decision to take public transportation. which took 2 hours. but hey, now i have an extra $40 and i'm learning the innerworkings of the mta.

got to chris, steve & chads place around 1:30. it was balls hot today. like 95. it was awful carrying all of my shit 10 blocks from the subway stop to their place... so gross. once i got there i had to pull myself together because somehow i managed to get an interview at this amazingly sweet little russian restaurant called mari vanna in gramercy. it is seriously so amazing inside. i'll try to attach some photos. anyway, it wasn't much of an interview, i spoke to a women for maybe 2 minutes and she told me to come back tomorrow from 11-3 to see if it's a fit. so who knows... maybe it will be.

these pictures of mari vanna do it no justice, sooo adorable

after that, i navigated my way back to brooklyn which was much faster than earlier, because the first time i was completely unsure of myself. definitely starting to like brooklyn, more specifically park slope, more and more. megan g (oh yeah she's here too) met me on 7th avenue to grab some dinner at the miracle grill. nothing special but the food was good, then we came back to the boys apartment. where we continued to swelter and melt so intensely that we decided a large fan would need to be purchased. a wind machine 3300 to be exact. where she and i are now comfortably perched in front of. the night may be over for me, as i have not slept, but the night is young so who knows! miss kathleen joins me tomorrow for the commencement of our apartment hunt... more updates tomorrow! xoxo

me walking through brooklyn with my wind machine
[image via megan's twitter page

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